DP Revalidation kurs

The DP revalidation course is an alternative way for the Nautical Institute to update an existing DP certificate issued by the Nautical Institute. The course is intended for individuals who already have a valid DP certificate issued by the Nautical Institute but have been unable to extend the certificate due to missing days at sea. The purpose of the course is to provide the individual with the opportunity to update his or her knowledge and skills on the latest industry rules, regulations, equipment, and methods, and thereby extend the validity of the DP Certification. The DP revalidation course can be completed 6 months prior to the date of renewal of the DP certificate set by the Nautical Institute. The course certificate is valid for 12 months. The course offered by Aboa Mare is accredited by the Nautical Institute and follows the NI standardized course program. The course lasts 34 hours (five days), with 50% theory, 50% practical simulator exercises. NI allows up to four participants per course. The Aboa Mare course uses the NI standard “class B” Navis Engineering DP2 simulator. The course is taught by a highly experienced DP operator.


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