The IBS course (Operational use of Integrated Bridge Systems) provides generic training in the use of IBS and INS. The IBS course is intended for officers in charge of navigational watch on vessels that are fitted with such equipment and the primary aim of the course is to increase safety and protect the environment.

After completing the course, the trainee will be able to

  • understand the type of systems that comprise an IBS or INS and understand their benefits and limitations
  • understand the need for bridge procedures and disciplines to use such systems in normal, abnormal and emergency situations
  • understand the decision-making process that needs to be applied in using such systems and the potential failures that can be introduced by human error
  • demonstrate competency in the control and use of an IBS or INS within a bridge simulator environment in normal, abnormal and emergency situations
  • assimilate familiarisation training of actual IBS and INS installations


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